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Feb 1

There are three key components for a healthy lifestyle that should be incorporated into your fitness program.   As we age, these become even more important in our daily lives.  These are balance, flexibility, and strength and here’s why these are so important!

Balance:  Balance is a key component of all movement…everything from walking down steps, to playing sports, to squatting down to pick up something.  It is critical to daily life and normal activity.  And yet, the CDC reports that accidental falls are the leading cause of death and injury among older adults, affecting more than 1/3 of the older adults in the United States each year.  As we age, sedentary lifestyles result in less stability and balance making simple things like walking, reaching, squatting, etc. challenges that we all face.  People (maybe YOU!) often joke about all those things they can no longer do due to those little “aches and pains” that come with age!

Flexibility:  Here I am referring to your ability to enjoy full range of motion throughout all the joints in your body.  People today are plagued by poor posture and inflexibility, perhaps because so many are confined to jobs where they sit all day…and then watch TV all night!  Joints become stiff, muscles become tight…backs hurt…necks ache…and muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions and injuries result!  And the cycle just continues and worsens as we age and become more and more inflexible.

Strength:  When muscles are not used, and as we age, they begin to atrophy, or deteriorate…oh yeah, and then things begin to sag!  Strength training is way to keep muscles looking and acting young!  The result is improved energy, muscle functionality, strength, body tone, increased metabolism,  appetite suppression, stronger bones, ligaments and tendons….and I could go on and on!  The bottom line is that strength training is a huge benefit for EVERYONE who wants to improve their fitness level!

The results of aging and of a sedentary lifestyle take a tremendous toll on our bodies if we simply allow them to, by doing nothing!  I firmly believe that the quality of life we can enjoy, to a large part, is up to us, and how willing we are to take responsibility for our health and our fitness!

So how do you combine all of this into an integrated fitness program that results in a better YOU?  Get active!!  Start today!!  Do something!  Do anything!  The key is to find physical activity that you enjoy and that you will continue!   A personal trainer who incorporates these key components into an integrated program is also a great alternative!! 🙂

Remember…a fit YOU…is a happier, healthier YOU! 

Stay fit!!!

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